Xylella Fastidiosa Active Containment Through a multidisciplinary-Oriented Research Strategy



The recent emergence of Xylella Fastidiosa into Europe, as evidenced by its widespread distribution in the southern region of Apulia in Italy, as well as its presence throughout Corsica, southeastern France and Baleari island (Spain) has greatly increased the awareness of the threat that this pathogen poses to European agriculture and environment.

This raised the interest about  the possibility of limiting the number of potential introductions into Europe, but also the necessity of surveillance to prevent further spread into the European Union  territory, and the development of sustainable management approaches to minimize the impact of the infections in the area where the pathogen is no longer eradicable.

XF-ACTORS offers the unique possibility to the EU research groups to set a collaborative research network with the American research centers and Taiwan, possessing the major international expertise and scientific background existing in the international scientific community on this pathogen.

This collaborative approach will strengthen the EU scientific community and enable to undertaking more complex and challenging areas of research for this relevant pathogen. It will also establish a network of European research groups sharing common tools that could help to respond immediately to future challenges to European ecosystems by insect vector-borne plant pathogens.