Xylella Fastidiosa Active Containment Through a multidisciplinary-Oriented Research Strategy

Case studies

A vision of the risk scenarios

Analysis of case -studies in the different countries and regions associated with the project will take stock of the causes and consequences of outbreaks, in order to identify and evaluate the parameters, variables and factors to be used in the risk assessment and cost/benefit analyses.

In addition to countrywide geo-referenced datasets of Xf distribution, environmental and socio-economic indicators, focus groups and interviews of stakeholders and experts will be organized to complement case studies data that represent the main focus of the research.

Analysis of case studies in the different countries and regions will identify which interventions/measures were or can be taken, understanding local contexts and socio-economic impacts at short and long term, understanding people’s thinking and reactions, and assessing appropriateness of actions and possible solutions.

Synergies with WP3 will be established, particularly for setting possible scenarios of the potential geographic spread of Xf diseases under different environmental conditions. The case studies were selected based on present knowledge of historical paths (climate, vectors, bacteria) or other relevant Countries to understand the main causes of the outbreaks and possible drivers of interventions in regions seriously affected by Xf (e.g. USA, Brazil, and Italy) as well as others where Xf was recently found (e.g Corsica and Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, PACA, in France).

Case studies spanning vulnerable disease-free regions (e.g. Spain, Greece, Portugal, Germany, Belgium and UK) and potential sources of Xf entry (e.g. Taiwan and Costa Rica) are also included to assess the potential impacts of Xf introductions. Case studies will be approached in collaboration with the local partners of the consortium, using a harmonized methodology of data collection and applying a participatory approach in order to identify critical elements to be considered in the risk framing scenarios.