Xylella Fastidiosa Active Containment Through a multidisciplinary-Oriented Research Strategy

Anna Maria D'Onghia

Anna Maria D'Onghia

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Principal Admnistrator, Head of IPM Division

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WP4 leader




Via Ceglie 9 Valenzano (BA), Italy

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Phone 00393298075557
Website www.iamb.it/en


Anna Maria D’Onghia (female): University degree in Agricultural Sciences. Principal administrator and Head of the of the Division on Integrated Pest Management (IPM) at CIHEAM Bari. Plant pathologist with a long experience in surveillance, monitoring, characterization, epidemiology and control of quarantine pathogens of main fruit tree species. In the last ten years her research focused also on precision crop protection using proximal and remote sensing technology, development and validation of sampling and rapid diagnostic procedures (DTBIA, real time LAMP). Coordinator/expert in several national (Apulia Region, Italian Ministry of Agriculture) and international cooperation projects of CIHEAM in several Mediterranean countries (Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, etc.) for strengthening quarantine and plant protection services. Fifteen years of coordination of the CIHEAM-IPM network on certification of nursery productions and on monitoring quarantine pathogens of fruit tree species in the Mediterranean region. CIHEAM coordinator of the activity (sampling, testing and remote sensing) carried out in the framework of the official monitoring of quarantine pathogens (X. fastidiosa, Citrus tristeza virus, Plum pox virus, Phytoplasma vitis, Erwinia amylovora) under the supervision of the Apulian Plant Protection Service. Member of the national technical scientific committee on X. fastidiosa. Invited speaker on 'Innovative tools in the early detection and surveillance of X. fastidiosa 'session 1 of the workshop on 'X. fastidiosa: knowledge gaps and research priorities for the EU' ( Brussels 12-13 November 2015). Author/co-author of more than 170 scientific and technical papers published in international journals or presented at international conferences (13 of which are on X. fastidiosa). Co-editor of 5 scientific books, co-author of 1 book chapter. In this proposal she is leading the WP4 and conducting research in Task 4c e Task 3c.1(WP3) 2