Xylella Fastidiosa Active Containment Through a multidisciplinary-Oriented Research Strategy

THE NETWORK ON PLANT HEALTH DISCUSSING “TOOL KIT FOR SURVEILLANCE OF XYLELLA FASTIDIOSA IN THE EU MEMBER STATES”A 3-day meeting just started at EFSA in Parma (Italy) with the aim of discussing several aspects related to surveillance and guidelines for Xylella surveys (survey design, risk factors identification, detection and delimiting surveys).

The program includes a discussion on the Xylella fastidiosa pest survey card, whose purpose is to assist the Member States in planning annual survey activities using a statistically sound and risk-based pest survey approach, in line with the current international standards.

Several members of the H2020 consortia POnTE and XF-ACTORS are contributing to the technical sessions: Dr. Antonio Vicent (IVIA); Dr. Stephen Parnell (USAL); Dr. Francoise Petter (EPPO) and Dr. Domenico Bosco (UNITO).

Draft agenda available here [.pdf – 193 KB]

[Photos by Françoise Petter]