Xylella Fastidiosa Active Containment Through a multidisciplinary-Oriented Research Strategy


Mariarosaria Di Pierro
Giuseppe Stampone
Piera Di Maggio
Gema del Rocio Quintero Macías
Fabio Barone

External Personnel


Enbiotech srl is a company, founded in 2010,   with highly specialized expertise in the field of biotechnology and engineering, who designs, develops and produces easy to use and rapid products and services in plant pathology, veterinary and food safety sectors. Over the past few years, Enbiotech’s path has permitted it to offer the market innovative solutions that have radically simplified diagnostic testing in molecular biology, also making it possible for non-specialized operators to perform tests. Enbiotech’s products are kits and instruments based on molecular biology. The diagnostic kits contain all the components necessary for the execution of the test. They are ready-to-use and designed to simplify and drastically speed up the steps required to perform analyses. Instruments are characterized by reduced size and weight, have an intuitive user interface and market originality.

Role in the Project

In XF-actors project, Enbiotech will design and develop two prototypes for rapid on site detection of Xf. The development of new devices will allow: -) to read electronically stored information of the sample to be analyzed, through the use of RFID tags; -) to recognize the test to be performed, through the use of microchip incorporated in the diagnostic kit; -) to properly guide the user, step by step, in the activities necessary to perform the test through a specific application on informatics platform; -) to monitor all steps performed by the operator through a video recording of the test run, possibly sending monitoring data to a central laboratory, which will definitively validate the result of the test. -) to generate real-time graphs of the results and reports with the interpretation of results. The new prototypes will be managed by an application developed on the Android platform, equipped with a new and “user friendly” graphical interface.