Xylella Fastidiosa Active Containment Through a multidisciplinary-Oriented Research Strategy


External Personnel


The Andalusian Institute of Agrarian and Fishing Research and Training (IFAPA) is an Administrative Agency of the Andalusian Government created by the Law 1/2003 of the Parliament of Andalusia, integrating a network of 18 research and training centers existing for over 40 years. The institute’s mission is to contribute to the modernization of agriculture, fisheries and food of Andalusia and improving its competitiveness through research, innovation and technology transfer. IFAPA is involved in the process of transformation of the Andalusian and European society, to incorporate knowledge as a core value for economic and social development. This network of research and training centers counts with experienced researchers and technicians, as well as an important set of technical resources: germplasm banks (including olive), specialized laboratories, Agri-Food facilities, class-rooms, residences, libraries, and more than 1,000 ha of experimental fields, that entirely cover the Andalusian agro-climatic conditions, and crops.

Role in the Project

IFAPA participation on XF-ACTORS will be carried out by its research team responsible of olive genetic resources and breeding located in Center “Alameda del Obispo” in Córdoba. IFAPA participation will be focus on Work package 6 (Innovative and sustainable approaches for bacterial control in the host plants), mainly regarding the search for sources of resistance to “Olive Quick Decline Syndrome” caused by Xf in plant materials representative of the variability of the species and the development of methods for screening for resistance to the disease. Plants obtained and initially grow by IFAPA will be transfer to CNR-IPSP-Bari (Italy) for screening olive germplasm for resistance both in open field and under controlled conditions. An initial set of 50 genotypes will be agreed between IFAPA and the IPSP-CNR including cultivars selected from the World Olive Germplasm Bank (WOGB) representative of the genetic and geographical variability of the Bank, genotypes from other Olea europaea subspecies and selections from IFAPA breeding program.