Xylella Fastidiosa Active Containment Through a multidisciplinary-Oriented Research Strategy

External Personnel


S-COM is an International non-profit agency settled in Brussels. The core of S-COM activities is  the communication as an indispensable role in the sustainability process. In order to achieve this, S-com promotes a series of events aimed at drawing conclusions on the following issues: clarify how a communication based on participation and integration could cross sectorial knowledge borders and informative asymmetries, and how such a communication could carry out a connecting role in the process of knowledge sharing.

Collect experiences and best practices on connective and mutual learning use of communication within and across sustainability systems; delineate innovative communicative modalities to support the introduction of the reflexivity function; that is the ability to calibrate continuously the actions undertaken in Scientific, Economic and political field, taking into account the impact of these actions on the environment; investigate how sustainability principles and methods could be applied in to the specific fields of institutional communication, corporate governance and scientific research; study how Information & Communication Technologies and Social Media can play a role in favour of the introduction of participative communication in multi-stakeholders analysis and decision making process.

Role in the Project

S-COM is the leader of the Work Package 10 of XF-ACTORS, responsible of the Dissemination and Communication processes, dissemination management and tools, awareness and capacity building.

S-COM is structuring dialogue with stakeholders to establish the project participatory approach and contribute to increase scientific knowledge education transfer about Xf.

S-COM contribute to raise awareness, optimize the quality of dissemination and structuring communication with unambiguous content and timely information. It will establish communication networks to cope with risk prevention practices and management, monitoring and information sharing among operators parties involved.