Xylella Fastidiosa Active Containment Through a multidisciplinary-Oriented Research Strategy
By Ylenia Granitto

The International Olive Council (IOC) and the International Centre for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies CIHEAM organized an international seminar on Xylella fastidiosa from 28 to 30 November at the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute in Bari, with the aim to provide the most updated information on the disease which is affecting the olive trees in the southern part of Apulia. Researchers and experts from Italian and international institutions examined the current situation to develop common measures that can be adopted. In addition to research, legislation and instruments available to monitor the bacteria, the topics covered by speakers concerned the tests carried out on the bacterium and its vector, and the strategies and agricultural measures to combat the rapid decline syndrome in affected olive trees.

Combined Efforts and Encouraging Outcomes at International Seminar on Xylella Fastidiosa