Xylella Fastidiosa Active Containment Through a multidisciplinary-Oriented Research Strategy

A group of more than 20 technical advisors and country managers representing the Spanish company AGROMILLORA, world leader company for nursery plants, visited the olive groves of Salento (in the Italian region of Apulia) last June 20.

The technical advisors came from different countries (Australia, USA, Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, Portugal, Spain, France, Morocco and Tunisia) for a mission organized to raise awareness on the severe impact of Xylella-infections on olives.

Dr. Donato Boscia from IPSP-CNR leaded the field tour and presented and discussed the main aspects related to the research ongoing in the framework of the H2020 projects POnTE and XF-ACTORS. The visit included a session at the Cooperativa ACLI Racale (partner of POnTE consortium) for a discussion and exchange of information with local stakeholders.

Agromillora is a Spanish company world leading in the nursery sector and a reference in production and marketing of fruit trees and olive trees.