Xylella Fastidiosa Active Containment Through a multidisciplinary-Oriented Research Strategy

POnTE project - Horizon2020Knowing the importance of making communities (both experts and the general public) aware of the danger of Xylella fastidiosa as well as of its impact on European agriculture, the researchers of POnTE Project, in collaboration with a professional agency, made public available informative material to help spreading scientific-based information and promoting adoption of control strategies.

The factsheet “POnTE Project findings and achievements: Xylella fastidiosa” aims to provide an overall picture of what the main contributions of the Project have been to significantly increase the knowledge about Xylella fastidiosa and its vectors, responsible for the severe outbreaks on the European territory.

This knowledge is now made available in two distinct factsheets, dedicated to an experienced, or more generalist, audience, respectively.

Factsheet “POnTE Project findings and achievements: Xylella fastidiosa” addressed to experts
Factsheet “POnTE Project findings and achievements: Xylella fastidiosa” addressed to the general public

The “Project Deliverables” series contains key research outputs, prepared in a language accessible to both expert communities and laypeople. As you may see below, the factsheets deal with biological features of the pathogen and the main insect vectors, tools for detection, search for plant resistant varieties, the economic impact of the olive disease, strategies for management and containment of its spread.

POnTE Deliverable 2.1Pathogenicity and virulence of the Apulian strain of Xylella fastidiosa
POnTE Deliverable 5.2 – Identification of Xylella fastidiosa vectors in the contaminated areas
POnTE Deliverable 6.1 – Remote sensing system for detection and monitoring of Xylella fastidiosa
POnTE Deliverable 7.3 – Profiling olive cultivars that might be tolerant to Xylella fastidiosa 
POnTE Deliverable 8.3 – Estimate of the potential economic impact of Xylella fastidiosa in the European olive sector 
POnTE Deliverable 9.1 – Practical solutions for the management and containment of Xylella fastidiosa


The informative material has been produced thanks to the effort of an international team made of researchers from POnTE Consortium and communication specialists, whose names are listed below.

Angelo Di Mambro

Layout and Proofreading
Surrender Media Solution

Scientific Supervision
Donato Boscia (IPSP-CNR Bari, Italy)
Maria Saponari (IPSP-CNR Bari, Italy)
Domenico Bosco (Torino University, Italy)
Josè Blasco (IVIA, Spain)
Pasquale Saldarelli (IPSP-CNR Bari, Italy)
Crescenza Dongiovanni (CRSFA, Italy)
Alfons Oude-Lansink (Wageningen, The Netherlands)

Project overview
Massimiliano Morelli (IPSP-CNR Bari, Italy)
Danijela Djordjevic (University of Belgrade, Serbia)
Aleksa Obradovic (University of Belgrade, Serbia)